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Hi, I’m Jessica! Sweet & Spicy Essentials is all about things I’m doing to make myself a happier, healthier more focused Mom. Let’s face it, Motherhood refocuses your priorities. Reaching out and grabbing time for yourself is not always easy, but it is so important! I’ve been a mom for 17 years and I’ve learned a trick or two along the way. Whether you’re searching for good tips, hacks, or just trying to get in some “me” time, I’m right here and I’m keepin it real.

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#lovemyself2020 Challenge

Did you miss our Feb Challenge? You can still join us in reflecting, growing, identifying problem areas and motivating yourself to take better care of the most important person in your life, YOU! You will find all the prompts on my Freebies page for my subscribers.

29 Journal Prompts for Self Love in 2020


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