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Hello there. I’m Jessica. Just a regular, overwhelmed mom blogging about cooking, natural living with essential oils, beauty, health, crafty projects, local San Diego finds and “stuff” I love. I’m learning all about mom blogs and I’m bringing it to you as I find it. My hope is to share all the knowledge I’ve been gathering to start your own successful blog, on whatever topic you desire.

Occasionally I am feeling tired, sarcastic, uplifting, encouraging, like a boss, like a failure, pumped up or stressed out. My topics range from A to Z and everything in between. Are you new to blogging? I’m in my first year and it’s been quite a learning curve. You will hear more about that in this momblog in the coming months. Follow me and see for yourself!

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What’s New?

The world’s gone crazy, that’s what! Well now is the time to be doing all that fun stuff like diffusing essential oils to purify the air in your home and cleaning. It’s also the time to take care of yourself, your health, your immunity. All good reasons why I use oils. Whatever methods and products you use, please just be careful out there right now.

This March I’m working on some FREEBIES for new essential oil fans. Sign up for my email list so you get all my freebies! My tools are designed for those of you who want to begin using oils but need some cheat sheet reminders to get going! Also, new on the website are my worksheets for getting started on your new blog. Get your free Start Your Blog worksheets.

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