diabetic friendly blueberry coconut popsicles

How Many Calories in Popsicles?

I’ve taken just a few ingredients and blended them up into a lovely snack popsicle. It has some fat from coconut cream, some low glycemic index fruit from blueberries for sweetness and good vitamins, some non-fat Plain Greek yogurt for creaminess and protein, a handful of unsweetened dried coconut for chewiness and splash of unsweetened soy milk and 1 pack of Stevia.

Best Essential Oils for Skin

Best Essential Oils for Skin

What are some essential oils good for the skin? Some of my picks are – lavender, frankincense, tea tree and copaiba.


Cookies from Around the World

Sweet and Spicy gingerbread cookies from around the world roundup post. Molasses, honey, ginger, cinnamon, cloves and oranges.

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