Who Loves Freebies?

Here are some freebies for you! Enjoy! I’m happy to share great new blogger resources here when I find them.

Blogging Resources
Blog Post Idea, Keyword Planner
Download Blog Post Idea Worksheet and Keyword Planner Worksheet
Start Your Blog worksheets for download.


Download or print the Love Myself 2020 e-Book. This book includes 29 days of self-love and self-care journaling prompts for you. February Love Myself 2020 Challenge links for blog posts can be found on my website or on Instagram tagged as #lovemyself2020.

Download or print these free e-Books by doTERRA.

Love_Myself_2020 Spotify Playlist

Oily Life E-Books
e-Books, recipes, good stuff

Download or print this free cheatsheet/wishlist for 6 Ways to Use Oils at Home.

Download or print this free recipe sheet for 3 DIY cleaning products you can make with essential oils.

Tips & Tools
Essential Oils Safety First
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doTERRA beginner oils for beauty
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Guides and Other Stuff
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