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Make Stuff! It’s Fun!

Lately I have been thinking about crafting more than I actually make anything. I know, it’s sad. It takes time and energy that I sometimes don’t have. If you are a crafty type you know how it is. Your craft space gets so messy you avoid it, or you decide to work on some other element of your life, like say exercise or home projects, or you’re watching a good Netflix series or whatever and poof, your creative energy goes out the window. Guilty. I totally get it. But it sure feels good to create things, especially when you get to show them off in your home.

Easy crafting idea. Paper gingerbread house made from scrap-book paper and a wooden craft house shaped frame.
One easy paper gingerbread house, no sugar added.

One of my favorite crafts that I created last year was a Paper Gingerbread House for Christmas. It was therapeutic because it really didn’t require much planning at all. I just found an inspiration piece at Daiso Japan, a wooden folding frame that was in the shape of a two-story house. If you have ever shopped at Daiso you know it is super cheap and there are many crafty deals to be had. I hope they have more little houses this year or I will have to find a new source. (My hubby knows how much fun I had decorating the wooden house with paper, so he made me another one last year. Awwww.) That one I will be using this October to make a Halloween House! (Update: I made it, go see the photos!)


I personally have a pretty large stash of scrap-booking supplies that I was able to use. I chose four different pieces of scrap-book paper that I thought resembled the wallpaper of a house. These papers were a little heavier in weight so that they would be sturdy. After all these are the walls of the house, don’t want them crinkled and tearing.

Then I just went to town and added embellishments like sequins, 3D stickers, ribbon, buttons. No rules, just carefully decorating and applying everything with glue so it would not have smudges or glue running down the sides. It turned out awesome (if you ask me) and I’ve decided this will be a go to project for any days when I want to decorate something but not work too hard.

There are tons of options too. I could make a Valentine house, a Tiki house, a Disneyland house, a Girl Scout house… Whatever little old house I can dream up. Give it a try and share your photo with me!

My Halloween House turned out like this! Pin It for later.

Easy to make Stash Spooky House out of old scrapbook supplies.
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