Magic Reindeer Food

Less than TWO-WEEKS (yikes) until Santa’s Big Night! You know everyone will be making cookies for the big guy, but what about his busy, working crew of reindeer? They totally get overlooked!

Somewhere between September apples and handprint turkeys, I blinked and we arrived at Christmas. My preschool class is currently reveling in the mystery of our elf, whom we have named Bernard. Sometimes Bernard doesn’t move because, well, we think he was just so comfy in his spot! (Sigh…)

Even though the mad dash to the mall, the late nights of wrapping and my elf problems don’t rank high on my favorites of the holiday season… I do absolutely love the wonder in my student’s eyes this time of year. Sooo, to add to their night and delight: I make them Magic Reindeer Food. It is easy and inexpensive!

Sprinkle on the lawn at night…the moon will make it sparkle bright…as Santa’s reindeer fly and roam…this will guide them to your home.

I made 18 small bags of reindeer food this year. I started with a trip to Michaels Craft Store. I love these small bags of sprinkles. They are in the cake decorating aisle for $1.00. I forgot to take a picture of them before I dumped them in the bowl! I went with green balls, red traditional sprinkles and small white balls this year.

Next I raided my pantry for a sandwich sized Ziploc bag of oats and I printed these tags. I’ve used everything from snack sized Ziploc bags to paper bags, but the past couple of years I stopped by the Dollar Tree and picked up these small gingerbreadman baggies. So if you are doing the math, I have spent $4.00 in total. Not too bad when you are spreading Christmas magic!

I mixed everything in a bowl and spooned 2-3 tablespoons into each baggie. Lastly, I stapled the tags and Santa’s reindeer are ready to munch away during their delivery on Christmas Eve.

  • Supply List
  • –sprinkles (Michael’s, Dollar Tree, Amazon)
  • –oats (dry rolled oats, any brand)
  • –small baggies (Michael’s, Dollar Tree, Amazon)

Enjoy! Don’t forget to like and share. Happy Holidays!