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Which EO Diffuser Should I Choose? doTERRA has made it easy for you. They have several choices, including two more that aren’t seen here in this article. (Volo Onyx and Volo White) They are all excellent. If you don’t have a diffuser yet, you are going to want one to enjoy the wonderful aromas of …

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Tar-get Musts

January 12, 2020

Recently I had a friend make a post on social media about how she plans to avoid any trips to Target from now on because she always ends up buying extra stuff she doesn’t need and needless to say it’s bad for the budget. I hear that! I have imposed a similar ban on Costco in the past as well. I enjoy strolling the aisles solo with my latte, dreaming about how awesome my house is going to look one day when I finally get my office and every other room just right. After years of shopping with kids in my cart, going solo is surprisingly relaxing. When I have a few extra minutes I like to walk around and absorb the idea of the stuff.

But sadly, Target is counting on me to impulse buy every way I turn. Sometimes I can hold-off, sometimes I fold. So this got me thinking about Target and my recent connection with them as a Target affiliate web site.

Spend $35, get free shipping & free returns (link)

First off, if you really want some things from Target but don’t trust yourself to go in or have young children and try to avoid shopping with them, then one amazing new option is ordering online and then picking your order up at the store. They bring it to your car! Now where was this service when I had littles? Anywho, Walmart offers a similar service. I use the Walmart service often and it’s excellent in my area…if you remember to order the day before. Grocery service is not part of my affiliation, but online shopping is… #affiliate

Items to buy at Target

My research tells me these are the Items to buy at Target. Some other things like books and electronics don’t offer as much savings typically.

Cutest doormats in town from Target.
Target #affiliate
  • Generic Drugs
  • Toys
  • Up & Up products like TP and sandwich baggies, etc.
  • Dollar Spot Finds
  • Organic food brands Simply Organic and Simply Balanced
  • Super cute accessories like jewelry and bags
  • School Supplies (tons of styles)
  • Home Decor (Hearth and Hand Magnolia, need I say more?)
  • Threshold Sheets (I have 3 sets of these and they are soft, deep corners, don’t shrink and nice patterns.)
  • Target Brand Diapers
  • Cheap doormats (and super cute options too! #TargetStyle)
  • Auden Bras
  • Smartly Brand Cleaners (but I now use essential oils instead) 🙂
  • Archer Farms Trailmixes
  • Kids Brand Clothing (Cat & Jack)
  • Wellness Products

What kind of items do you buy from Target? If you know of something extra good at Target, do tell! Comment below.

As a Target Affiliate I earn from qualifying purchases. If you make a purchase through my website, I could earn a small commission, but it will in no way effect your cost. Thank you!

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