Raise your hand if you’re all in for pie!

Tomorrow is National Pie Day! I nearly always learn what the “national day” is well into or after the actual day, but this time I’m early! Ha! I can make a pie if I hurry up and get my plan together. Any dish that has a crust with a filling qualifies as a pie, but the 4 main types are:





What’s Your Favorite Pie?

I personally like them all. You’re not going to believe this, but some people don’t like pie. I know, crazy right? If I had to choose my favorite, I’m not sure I could! It might be a tie between Strawberry Rhubarb and Pecan. Or Lemon. Maybe a good tart Apple Pie with a nice crumb topping. Now I really want pie.

It’s like this day was created just for me to finally share my amazing collection of Pinterest pie pins… Please enjoy and as always, share here if you have any amazing recipes for pie! If you like my Pinterest board, please follow me!

PS: Why is National Pie Day not on 3/14? It’s a mystery!