Things to Do When You’re Stuck at Home

Hello World. Shelter in Place. This is a new term for me, probably for you too. This article is about shelter at home activities you can work on to keep occupied during these tough times.

45 Fun Things to do at Home during Shelter in Place...or anytime. Focused shelter at home activities. Pause or Panic.

Ugh, I’m still pinching myself to believe I’m not dreaming and this is the real world right now. Being a natural homebody, this enforced staying home hasn’t been too terrible for me. I’m really just beyond grateful that I have a home to “shelter” in and that we have food to eat. The news around the world is dismal, depressing, tragic. Time is standing still for those sheltering in place and for those working in the hospitals, first responders, teachers, grocery workers ordinary working conditions are suddenly terrifying. I’m praying for the world. I’m really praying for the world.

And I’m Terrified

How are you hanging in there? I haven’t been able to process this current state of the world yet. I’ve been caught between feeling silly for worrying and panicked that I’m not taking Coronavirus seriously enough. I feel overwhelmed, depressed, scared, angry, worried. I am feeling terrified for the world and friends and strangers. Am I wasting my energy on worry? Maybe. Clearly I can’t just forge ahead and live my normal life. Nothing about this is normal.

It’s Impossible To Concentrate

My ability to concentrate is worse than normal. Thinking too hard about what the future holds has me hiding in Netflix binges and sleep. Living in Wait & See limbo with kids (or without) is emotionally draining. I just keep thinking, ok this will pass in a few weeks. But the truth is that every day life could look very different soon if the world continues to live on Pause.

This Week Was Difficult

Well, I do run this blog and I can reach out to the world and at least try to help people manage their sadness, worry and perspective, for the moment anyway. For today I am taking joy in seeing more families walking through the neighborhood, riding bicycles, people drawing in chalk on their driveways. Families playing cards and board games and working through jig saw puzzles. We’re eating more meals together and slowing way down. These times of sadness and pause can lead to beautiful reflection and new art, literature and invention.

Brainstorm Ideas for things to do during shelter at home.

Things To Do To Calm Your Thoughts

  • Read a book
  • Join a Book Club
  • Start a Book Club
  • Catch up on your reading list in Good Reads
  • Start your own blog
  • Upcycle something to decorate or organize your home
  • See how you can help in your community
  • Buy a giftcard from a local small business
  • Catch up on deleting, printing and organizing your family photos
  • Make a digital photo book
  • Make a Christmas photo album
  • Get in the kitchen and make a sourdough starter
  • Bake
  • Learn to cook a new recipe
  • Make candy
  • Play music. Write music. Workout to music.
  • Love your pet
  • Start a mixed media or bullet journal
  • Join a journal challenge
  • Write someone a letter
  • Recycle old instructions that came with appliances and toys you no longer own
  • Make a lotion, balm, rollerball blend using your essential oils
  • Attack your shredding pile
  • Learn to use Canva
  • Organize your Pinterest boards
  • Make something you pinned on your Pinterest boards
  • Create a new app
  • Read the directions that came with your fancy camera
  • Learn some photo tricks for your phone
  • Take an online class
  • Self mani/pedi
  • Try a new craft or hobby like knitting or sewing or home brewing
  • Make a collection of paper crafted greeting cards to have on hand
  • Learn a new language
  • Start a new book series
  • Host a virtual party
  • Grow seedlings to plant in your yard or veggie garden
  • Trim a bonsai tree
  • Make a miniature Zen Garden
  • Hang up some family photos
  • Start or finish a home project you never have time for
  • Sit in the sunshine for a few minutes
  • Quit smoking
  • Stay physically active
  • Take a virtual exercise class
  • Take a walk, a stretch, a run, yoga
  • Call a friend
  • Encourage your kids or other family members to do something on this list
  • See More Crafts
  • Stay well and if you can Stay Home.

What If I Don’t Feel Like Doing Anything At All?

Go easy on yourself. You might not feel one bit like being creative or productive. It’s ok to feel that way! Indecision makes me feel a bit paralyzed. If or when the urge strikes you to turn to your creative side to pass time and reduce some stress, give it a shot. It might just make you feel better. Please share if you think this list will help someone.