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I’m just a regular mom blogging about cooking, natural living with essential oils, beauty, health, crafty projects, local San Diego finds and “stuff” I love in this #momlife. Occasionally I am feeling tired, sarcastic, uplifting, encouraging, like a boss, like a failure, pumped up or stressed out. Depends on the day!

Welcome to my oils and other things website and blog and my doTerra Shop.

I am a Wellness Advocate (#7964262) There is no monthly purchase requirement. Your purchase will be shipped straight to you. There are other purchasing options described below.


Did you know you can sign up to buy Wholesale from doTERRA and you will save 25% on your purchases? It only costs $35 for the year. Each year at your renewal month (if you choose to) you will pay only $25to renew your wholesale membership and you will receive a 15ML bottle of Peppermint! You don’t have to sell anything you buy, nor do you need to buy monthly. You can just buy for your yourself, friends and family at the wholesale price instead of the retail price.

Step 1: Go to www.mydoterra.com/jessicaearner

Step 2: Click on “Shop” and select your language and country and then click on “Go Shopping”

Step 3: Select “Interested in Becoming a Wholesale Member”

Step 4: Select a Kit to start with and add it to your cart. If you do not wish to buy a large kit, just add something to your cart and an Essential Oils Reference Book will automatically show up in your cart for $35. This $35 item in your cart will allow you to sign up for a Wholesale Account.

Wellness Advocate/Loyalty Rewards Program

You can also join my team and become a Wellness Advocate for doTERRA. If you think you might one day want to develop a business with doTerra and get loyalty rewards for items you buy you should consider being a Wellness Advocate. doTERRA makes it easy to have product info, images, training, etc. I love it! Join me! Become a Wellness Advocate Now.

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