Welcome to my blog! There are so many health and wellness and self care “mom” blogs out there. Why would you want to read mine? Well, I’m taking a truthful essential oils journey and I’m documenting it along the way. Enough toxic chemicals in my home and everyday products!

Being a mom has made me so tired…and so happy.

Tina Fey

Things I hope to accomplish

  • Share knowledge about oils
  • Connect with new people
  • Help other mompreneurs get going with their own blog (sign up for my email list to get my Mompreneur freebies!)
  • Inspire someone! I have been inspired on my parenting journey by so many strong women who work full time and manage their families. I want to inspire my children to try new things! I want to entertain, educate, amuse, uplift, blow off steam with my writing and for my readers.

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Thinking, thinking...

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I just told my kids I’m older than Google. They think I’m joking.


A little about me… I am a daughter, sister, mother and wife in San Diego, California. I have been married for 17 years and have two amazing and messy kids, ages 16 and 12. I have a background in graphic and web design and an interest in curating the good things in life and sharing them through my writing. I passionately believe we are overexposed to toxic chemicals and stress in this modern life. Most of my time is spent trying to craft the perfect balance in this crazy, beautiful, busy life.

In my spare time I enjoy writing, scrap-booking, healthy cooking, reading, photography, binge watching British TV on Netflix, virtual hoarding on Pinterest and yoga/piyo/barre classes when I can. I am inspired by the use of medicinal herbs in the TV show, The Outlander. I think I got the family historian gene from my mom, who is also crafty (amazing quilter) and obsessed with genealogy. I have considered blogging for a long time and was never sure of my message and focus until now.

If I went back to school today, I might study acupuncture or nutrition. I might become a world famous blogger and influencer! Other “hobbies” include cleaning, doing massive amounts of laundry and driving my kids around town and trying to think up new ways to make dinners easily. I’m totally boring and completely fascinating all at once. My fur children include a psychotic cat and a trouble making kitten. I hope you will subscribe to my adventures.