This is an article about What Self Care is Not.

It’s Friday!

Can I get an Amen? What is it about Friday and Saturday that just feels different from the rest of the week? If you’re a mom, there’s really not a huge difference because chances are you are still driving all around taking care of your family and their commitments, catching up on housework and shopping and cooking and all that.

Keep reading, I’m going to explain MY perception of what self care is and what it is not. This subject matter expertise is coming straight to you from a middle aged, adrenal fatigued, hypothyroid mother of two with menopause. Yep! I’m guarding my energy like crazy!

Friday is Standing on a Mountain Top

Back to Friday! Friday still settles differently in the brain! Friday is standing on top of a mountain, taking stock, looking around at your surroundings and thinking, “Maybe I will climb that distant mountain tomorrow!” or “Maybe I’ll sleep in and meet a friend for brunch.” 

Break From Regular Routine

When you think closely about this you realize that it’s not entirely what you do or don’t do on the weekend that you look forward to. No, it’s really the mental milestone you reach at the end of the week where you lower your expectations of yourself and you allow yourself to break from your regular routine. Hopefully you are able to reach out and grab a bit of personal time to do things you are excited about!

This is What Self Care is About

Taking time to do things for yourself. Recharging your own personal battery. The following are my personal opinions, you might feel differently about some or all of these comments.

This subject matter expertise is coming straight to you from a middle aged, adrenal fatigued, hypothyroid mother of two in menopause.

Yours truly

I have discovered that Self Care is NOT the following things:

  1. 1. Self Care is not watching TV and simultaneously multi-tasking with a day of laundry. This is actually called being productive while you are mentally wiped out.  
  1. 2. Enjoying a cup of coffee while loading the dishwasher and stuffing breakfast down your throat is NOT Self Care. Again this is multi-tasking. 
  1. 3. Getting your housekeeping mess put back in place everyday is not Self Care. Although it does feel good to cross this off the list. 
  1. 4. Doing errands and organizing is not Self Care. Yes, there is a lot about this that can ease the mind. 
  1. 5. Making arrangements for your kids and preparing to go on a weekend away with your spouse or significant other is not Self Care. This is still an important thing to do for your relationship and it is lovely to get away for a bit.
  1. 6. Self Care is not grocery shopping and making healthy meals for your family. It is, however, a fundamental part of happiness and creating energy for getting those things done.
  1. 7. Spending time with a loved one who needs you is not Self Care, but it does feed your soul. 
  1. 8. Serving others is not Self Care. I feel this does help with gratitude though, and a grateful heart is happier, it’s true. 
  1. 9. Making a plan for every hour of your week is not Self Care. We are not meant to go, go, go every minute of life. This level of  productivity is amazing, but it is not Self Care.
  1. 10. Sitting on the couch eating unhealthy food and wasting the day away is not Self Care either. It’s a delicate balance, isn’t it? This Self Care thing? 

If all these things aren’t Self Care, then what is?

Again, these are my personal opinions. 

  1. 1. Saying no to things that deplete your energy. This is guarding your personal energy. If you are constantly giving away your energy there is nothing left for you. Accept help or delegate things so you aren’t constantly doing everything. 
  1. 2. Setting and achieving personal goals. Create a vision board or become a mompreneur.
  1. 3. Taking some time every day to think, plan, create, work through the things on your mind. These are good things to think about when you take a walk, especially when you have those good endorphins cycling in your body from exercise. This is different from meditating.
  1. 4. Meditate. Sitting in the stillness, forcing your mind to clear of all the clutter and appreciating your place in the universe. The wonder of your physical self and nature’s beauty. 
  1. 5. Doing something for yourself that you don’t usually have time to do. Like soaking in the tub or getting a pedicure. 
  1. 6. Learn how to do something that you’ve been wanting to explore. This could be reading a book or taking a class.
  1. 7. Make peace with yourself for doing something that turned out to be a mistake, or with something that hurt you.
  1. 8. Exercise in the sunshine. Do yoga at home or in a studio. Hike, walk, surf, bicycle, stretch. Whatever makes you sweat.
  1. 9. Write down something you are thankful for every day.
  1. 10. Take care of your physical health. Drink lots of water, eat food that provides good energy and get enough sleep. 

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