I’m an “Amazon Mom.” Are you? Today we are going to talk about Amazon and how it’s pretty cool for a lot of reasons. First off, I’m writing this article (which does contain affiliate links) for one good reason!

Circumstances might be different for every mom, but we all need the basics. Undergarments that fit, exercise clothing that is comfy, durable and doesn’t show off the muffin top, cosmetics that have good reviews and tons of other things like that.

We all need the basics…

We sometimes forget though, because when we are walking through the ladies section at Target, we are just about to add some dress socks to our cart when suddenly we are running off to the bathroom with small child. Or medium child has a meltdown. Or someone (usually tween child) decides they really need to have this certain cereal and a mechanical pencil and then poof, we forget. We try, but the distractions are tough on the mom shopping basics. If we have to stop and try it on, forget about it!

So here is a list of some of the best sellers with great reviews from Amazon, for all the mom basics.

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Matrix Salon Products

Matrix Hair Masks, Leave-Ins and Treatments

Ladies Support/Undergarments

Amazon: Best Gifts in Women’s Minimizer Bras

Super cute bras to wear under a blouse.

Best Sellers – Fitness

Amazon best sellers list for fitness: Kettlebells

Amazon: Kettlebell Best Sellers

Amazon: Top Gift Ideas in Yoga

TV/Movie Picks on Prime

Kindle Unlimited

Kindle Unlimited


Amazon Baby Registry

Amazon Wedding Registry



Best Sellers in Audible Books and Originals

Reese’s Book Club on Audible


Prime Student

Prime Video