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About Me

I’m Jessica, mom turned Mompreneur.

Here at my blog I hope to inspire you to live creatively. I have always enjoyed making things, repurposing junk, taking photos, collecting fonts, planning, helping ladies with their tech and many other random things that don’t fit all together in a neat box with a clever tag line.

As a mom, I want “all the things” –that’s being fit, having a nice and organized home, healthy and easy options for family meals and life, a creative outlet just for me and Most Importantly, some sort of system for tackling all the to-dos so that I can keep doing “all the things!”

Creativity is the Spice of Life…

Here at my blog, in a potpourri of topics… I share crafts, decor, recipes, advice, and my favorites in digital planning and organization. I have been the storyteller of our family life for the past 20 years in scrapbooks, digital photo books, bullet journals, digital photo calendars and more.

I embrace Canva, Rocketbook, GoodNotes, Procreate, Etsy, Pinterest and I will share the best with you. Visit me on Pinterest fresh ideas!

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