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If you are new to digital planning, or just plain struggling to get organized, KEEP READING for my tips on How to Organize Stickers for Digital Planning. And don’t forget…

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It’s fun to collect all the digital planner freebies around the internet, YES, but the down side of that is it gets a little messy and overwhelming.

I collect stickers made for use with GoodNotes, but you can also collect PNG stickers. I store everything on my iCloud so I don’t have it taking up space on my phone or laptop. I’m not a fan of saving images to my camera roll because my camera roll is already out of control! I find it much easier to keep all of my stickers in GoodNotes Sticker pages and books, or I add them to the Elements section of GoodNotes. Any stickers you purchase from my Etsy store or this web site will come organized on a GoodNotes sticker sheet so it’s easy for you to use.

I think we all just do what works for us, depending upon our level of experience with computers and how organized our file systems are… but here are some digital sticker organizing tips I think you will find helpful!

How to Organize Stickers – Digital Stickers

Tip 1: Create a Folder for your Library.

Tip Number 1: Start with a Folder you name “MyStickerLibrary” and save it to your iCloud, (or DropBox or Google Drive). Every time you purchase or find digital planner freebies from the internet, save them in this folder.

Free GoodNotes Covers and digital sticker organizing tips.

Tip 2: Make Another Folder for Templates.

Tip Number 2: You will want another Folder called MyPageTemplatesLibrary. Now, listen up! Every time you buy or create your own template you can save it in this file and all of your templates will be easy to find!

Templates are fun to collect because you can add them to any digital notebook you decide to make in GoodNotes. Typically they will be a PDF file that you will be able to import into GoodNotes. Customizing a regular digital notebook in GoodNotes will allow you to create the exact notebook that works best for you and the way YOU plan or journal. Keep your eyes out for digital planner freebies like templates. Obviously you can’t sell these templates if they are created by someone else, but you can use them over and over again for your personal use.

For example, say you have a set of templates that are for tracking things, like in my example below. Pick the ones that coordinate with whatever you are creating in your digital notebook.

Free GoodNotes Covers and digital sticker organizing tips.
For example: This image represents a set of tracker templates I made that coordinate with my Boho Digital Planner. I’ve made it a PDF you can import into GoodNotes. You can grab it for free in Free Resource Library if you like it! The matching Digital Planner is available at

Tip 3: Make a Folder called Categories.

The suggestion above to have a “My Sticker Library” is great for sticker sets you buy that you want to keep together as a set all in one folder, but another way to organize your stickers would be to have a higher level category folder called “Sticker Categories”.

Within your categories folder you can have all the different categories you frequently use, for example:

  • academic
  • animals
  • arrows
  • badges
  • banners
  • boxes
  • countdowns
  • date dots
  • days of week
  • extra curricular
  • frames
  • home
  • icons
  • journal shapes
  • lines
  • meal planning
  • months
  • seasonal
  • shapes
  • sports
  • sticky notes
  • student
  • teacher stickers
  • washi & headers
  • word art
  • etc, etc, etc…

Tip 4: Use a Sticker Organizing App

Using a sticker organizing app (like Stixer) has advantages and disadvantages. One thing I like is the concept of being able to add a cover image to each of your folders in addition to a category name. I think seeing the image on the folder would make it more quickly recognizable when you are search for something. I also like how easy it is to just have two windows open on your iPad and then you can drag whatever sticker you want on to your planner. But I don’t see how this is any different from just having your iCloud main folder open and dragging the sticker on to your planner.

I think the possible downside to this is that working with large images might crash your app, as people seem to report when using the sticker organizing app called Stixer. I personally have not used this app, so I can’t say one way or another if it works well, but I really love the idea.

This is the description for the the Stixer sticker organizing app found in the App Store.

Stixer Logo - From the blog article, "Free GoodNotes Covers and digital sticker organizing tips."
Get Stixer for iPad at the Mac App Store. This is not an affiliate link, just a link for your information. 🙂

The purpose of this app is to help you better organize, locate and use your images.

— You will be able to customize the way your pictures are kept as well as to smoothly add them to other apps.
— With Stixer’s unique customizable covers, you can visually locate the folder you are looking for
— Unlike other apps, Stixer retains the transparency and totality of your images at all times which allows your folders to look — like a custom album – Never again wonder what an image actually is because it is cropped in its miniature view!

Tip 5: Use Folders and Notebooks Within the GoodNotes App

If you purchase stickers from Etsy or Creative Market or where ever you like to buy from, it’s a great idea to look for pre-cropped for GoodNotes sticker sets. This means that you can open your sticker sheet side-by-side with your planner and just copy and paste straight into your planner with very minimal cropping. I made a little graphic of this side-by-side that I mentioned for GoodNotes.

When digital stickers are pre-cropped (by the sticker seller) it saves you a ton of time! It’s the easiest way for the end user, in my opinion, to use the stickers, so that is how I sell all of my sticker sets.


So if you have GoodNotes sticker sets you’d like to organize, take advantage of the folders and notebooks option. (Formerly called Category/Master Category.)

I personally purchase a lot of digital goodies from **The Hungry Jpeg** (affiliate) and I also take advantage of their weekly digital freebies. You can check out TheHungryJpeg here:

Awesome Deals for Designs Resources, Fonts, Graphics, & Cut-Files Only at

Tip 6: Use the GoodNotes Elements Feature for your most frequently used stickers, labels and widgets!

What is the Elements Feature? Well, glad you asked.

With GoodNotes 5 they released the Elements folder in the GoodNotes Tool Bar. You might have seen it. It’s an icon (oval with a tiny star) and it allows you to use the Lasso tool, hold down with your Apple pencil, and choose Element.

You’ll then be prompted to name the folder you want to add your sticker to. Remember when I suggested all those categories listed above? Well, you can utilize those category names here within GoodNotes as well. I also suggest making a larger image be the first image in the folder, because when you are looking for the folder within the “Recently Used” on the toolbar, it’s hard to see what some of the smaller stickers are. Some of the categories I personally use frequently are “Days of the Week”, Months and Icons.

Now, two things come to mind that I do not have answers for. 1. How many stickers can you add into Elements (ie, can you add your entire sticker collection?) and 2. Does this overload GoodNotes? I really do not know and I’ve searched the internet high and low for answers. If you have answers, please do drop a comment at the end of this article. Much appreciated!

Tip 7: Get a Digital Sticker Book PDF template and import it into GoodNotes

Finally, Tip 7: Of course there is the good old sticker book option! Filling up your own personal sticker book will allow you to sort your stickers on different pages and into categories. I think sticker books are a great solution, provided you don’t put too much into them. I think you’d be better served to have a few smaller Sticker Books vs. one Behemoth Sticker Book but that is just my opinion.

If you’re familiar with how hyperlinks bring clickable links to your pages in GoodNotes planners, then you will understand the basic sticker book layout. It will either be a cover page that links to different pages in the book, or it will just be a tabbed with dividers book style, sorted by category or however you name your tabs. I’ll make a quickie empty Sticker Book and throw it in my Resources Library, so don’t forget to sign up and go on and get that additional digital planner freebie.

Well, believe it or not, this is all I have to say today on the topic of how to organize stickers. Actually, no, I could say a lot more, but I will save the for another blog post. I hope you find these tips helpful. I’d love to hear from you, so drop me a comment below.

Happy Planning!

Jessica xoxo

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