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Wine Cork Jewelry Organizer

I have a giant wine cork collection at home. It’s been years in the making. If you are reading this article, chances are you have been saving corks to make something special too…one day?!

Well, keep reading to learn how to make your own Wine Cork Jewelry Organizer! Super easy and inexpensive.

Items You Will Need for this Project

Picture frame with wider moulding style

Hot glue and glue gun

Dry corks, preferably cork not rubber corks

A knife to cut corks if they don’t fit

Decorative tipped pins to hang jewelry on

Ribbon for face of frame, optional

Wine Cork Jewelry Organizer Instructions

First you will need to find or purchase a wide moulding frame. I wiped down an old one and spray painted it with metallic spray paint before I started this wine cork jewelry organizer. Keep the glass if you have glass cut to size for the frame. If not, you can use a mat board, cut to size to add to the back of your cork board for a bit of stability.

Next, pick out your favorite corks. You will need enough to completely fill your frame. Place the logo side down if you want to be able to see it in the finished board. The best corks for this project are the real cork corks, not the plastic covered foam corks, but both will work.

I started placing the corks from the outside in. That way I could hot glue them to the inside edge of the frame. I think it added to the strength of the overall board. Work your way in toward the center of the board. You might want to wait to hot glue these as you experiment with the best corks that fit your frame. Then hot glue the edges of the cork, moving to the center of the board.

After I glued them all in place I flipped the whole thing over and cut a piece of cardstock to fit behind the corks in the back of the frame. (So no light would show through and to camouflage any cracks between the corks.)

I then placed the glass back in the frame and hot glued the edges inside the frame.

Use embellishments of your choice to decorate the front. I used ribbon and a few wooden die cut pieces.



Jessica xoxo

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