Planting Pineapple Tops

Things I Never Knew About Pineapples

First up, planting pineapple tops! Eeek, so exciting. I do not have a green thumb. I wish I did! I admire those green fingered folks. But I do try now and again and I get pretty happy to just keep things alive! Why do I under water or over water? Things I wish I knew about myself. 😉

One month ago my family was enjoying our vacation in Hawaii. We went to Oahu and had a great week. We stayed on the west side of the island, at an airBnB in a condo complex near Makaha Beach Park. Anyway, if you know this area at all, you know that to get to other parts of the island there is lots of driving. One of the places we visited was the Dole Plantation in Wahiawa.

Dole Plantation. Planting pineapple tops. How to Grow Pineapple.
This is what pineapples look like on the plant. And here I thought it came from a tree. My bad.
Dole Plantation. Planting pineapple tops. How to Grow Pineapple
I’m told it takes 18-24 months for a pineapple to fruit. Sooo…check back with me in quite a bit! Ha!

Step 1 Chop the Top off the Pineapple and peel back the roots…

Back to How to Grow Pineapple… At Dole we learned that if you want to replant a pineapple, you chop off the top and peel back some of the bottom leaves. If you take this top and put it in water for a few days it will begin to root. Like this:

Planting pineapple tops. How to grow pineapple.
Step one. Put your pineapple top in water.

Step 2 Allow it to Root in water…

Planting pineapple tops.How to grow pineapple.
Ok, here are the beautiful roots. Time for planting.

Step 3 Plant in Dirt/Potting Soil with good drainage…

I planted my rooting pineapple tops in a mixture of dirt and potting soil. My research told me to use pebbles or rocks in the bottom of the container and also make sure there were a few holes for drainage. Pineapples like full sun and should not be sopping wet, but instead slightly wet soil. Sooo…now we wait!

Now, in case you don’t already have a nice, organic rooting pineapple to begin with you can always buy them on Amazon. They even have the extra delicious white pineapples to grow. I’ve never had one, but I hear they are even better than a yellow pineapple.

Happy Planting!

How fun is that?!

xoxo Jessica

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