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Rocketbook Hacks

The Smart Notebook You Didn’t Know You Needed

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Have you ever heard of a new product and excitedly and immediately looked it up online?

I couldn’t add the Rocketbook Smart Notebook to my cart fast enough. My search is finally over! You see, for so long I have STRUGGLED with my need to write notes and then be able to find them when I need them later on!

You can check out the Rocketbook Store on Amazon right here.

The workaround I’ve been using for a long time was to every once in a blue moon try to organize my notebooks in a 3 ring binder. This meant ripping out sheets of my spiral notebook, or even just corners of a page because when I have an idea I just jot it down ANYWHERE. (Back of an envelope, paper napkin, take a photo of it and save it to my phone, literally anywhere.) I know, I’m a mess, what can I say? It must be my creative genius.

Enter the Rocketbook Panda Planner!

Mine looks like this, but I chose the smaller executive size and it’s teal!

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You can choose a plain Smart Notebook or planner style of Rocketbook. Personally, I have the same trouble with my other planners as I do with my notetaking, I’m inconsistent and end up using my planner sporadically. So I purchased the planner version because it had templates already created for Annual Planning, Monthly Planning, Habit Tracking, Goals, Weekly Reviews, Daily Planning with routines for morning and evening, and at the end there are 5 blank pages you can do whatever you want with.

You could even bullet journal with the Rocketbook, it would work great on the dotted graph paper that it comes with. Students and teachers could really benefit from this style of notebook too!

Now I can keep one notebook and write it in and then send my idea to an email address, or to my Google Drive or even to Trello. How phenomonal is that?! The best of paper note taking and digital organization all rolled into one.

You are probably wondering if I could just take a photo of my regular notebook page and save it, and of course, yes I could do that, but this is different! The file size is smaller when captured with the Rocketbook App, and the coolest thing is if you print neatly your Rocketbook can convert handwriting to text! You can then cut and paste your text where you need to – like on a social media post, or in an email or blog post, etc. Then after you scan it with your phone it gets filed away and you can ERASE the page and start a new note! Is that crazy or what?

I’ve never really been inspired to type into note apps on my phone (too hard to type) and maybe I’m just old fashioned. I like to brainstorm on paper before I start writing a blog post, journal about something, researching a purchase, etc. Also, when I sit down at my computer to write I sometimes get distracted checking “all the things” so that is another reason that brainstorming in my Rocketbook planner is working out great for me.

Is Rocketbook Worth It?

Now, people are asking. Is Rocketbook worth it? In my opinion, it sure is!

I was quite surprised when mine showed up in the mail from Amazon. It literally is just a thin spiral notebook with plastic eraseable pages, a special pen and a wash cloth style eraser and it costs around $35. I could rip the pages if I tried but they are thicker than regular paper. It’s a little strange to buy something “electronic” but have it show up in an envelope. That price seems a little high, but then when you think about being able to use it over and over again it is worth it. The replacement pens are inexpensive, so that isn’t a deal breaker.

Rocketbook App

The magic behind the smart notebook is the Rocketbook App. It is free and used to scan your document or whiteboard into a PDF or jpeg or animated GIF, you can even share your documents as “SnapCasts” which have their own unique URLs.

Rocketbook Beacons…Rocketbook Hacks

What’s the deal with Rocketbook Beacons? The orange beacons are triangular in shape and restickable to surfaces like whiteboards and sell for $15 on the Rocketbook App. What do you do with these beacons? You add them to the four corners of a regular white board and they tell the app to capture what is written on the whiteboard. This makes sharing your board with a variety of cloud services and/or colleagues, students, employees a breeze. I really like that the Rocketbook can convert handwriting to text. As I mentioned above, you do need to write neatly or the conversion to text won’t be exact.

rocketbook hacks, rocketbook app, my review of the Panda Planner.

Speaking of beacons, I’ve seen some videos where you can digitize your whiteboard by adding black tape to the border of your whiteboard and an enlarged and photocopied version of the beacons to the bottom of the whiteboard and that works too. The beacons are seven icons that you assign a cloud service to.

The symbols are a rocket, a diamond, an apple, a bell, a four-leaf clover, a star and an upside down horse shoe. I send my pages with the rocket beacon to my blog Trello board.

You can download a PDF here to try Rocketbook for free. Just print the download and you will see the icons at the bottom of the worksheet. Color in the circle next to the beacon symbol where you’d like to send your document. You will need to download the app on your phone to scan it and send it to the beacon of your choice. Why try this? Because you can print these sheets on regular paper and use them in the classroom without having to buy all the special Rocketbook notebooks. You’d want to see if it worked for your class before an investment like that, right?!

This is a screen grab of a free download available from Rocketbook showing the beacon symbols at the bottom of a blank, lined page.
The beacons can be seen here, at the bottom of this blank, lined screen grab of the PDF.

For more organization tips, visit my blog post, Conquer the Clutter. I haven’t quite conquered it yet, but I’m trying.

Leave me a comment and let me know what you think about the Rocketbook Panda Planner! Don’t forget some extra colored pens! The notebook only comes with one pen with black ink.

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xoxo Jessica

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  1. Wow! This sounds like an amazing tool to use with my classes. I can see assigning each period a symbol and then using it to keep all my notes and documentations organized. Also, the ability to scan my whiteboard and capture the info to digitally share with my classes would be awesome. Looking forward to trying it soon.

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