Best Essential Oils for Skin

Recipes with Essential Oils

Have you been hearing a lot about essential oils, but haven’t tried them yet in recipes other than for your diffuser? There are tons of great ideas out there. Here are some doTERRA recipes I’ve compiled just for you!

Just give me some easy recipes that don’t have a ton of ingredients, right?!

Well, look no further. I want to show YOU how to use essential oils for the skin, in face mask recipes, face scrub recipes, hair treatments, dry shampoo, lotion and more.

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Here are some recipes to try out at home!

Directory of Recipes with Essential Oils

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Best Essential Oils for Skin

Moisturizing Tips

All About Carrier Oils… What are carrier oils and how can they be used by themselves and in recipes? Learn all about my picks for carrier oils.

Coconut Oil, Jojoba Oil, Sunflower Seed Oil, Rosehip Oil, Apricot Kernel Oil, Grapeseed Oil, Tamanu, Carrot Seed Oil (aka Queen Anne’s lace), Monoi, Avocado Oil…

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Face Scrub Recipes

Lemon Oatmeal Exfoliant Scrub

Add 4-5 drops of Lemon essential oil to a small amount of oatmeal and water for a homemade scrub.

Super simple recipe to exfoliate your skin. Add 4-5 drops of Lemon to a small amount of oatmeal and water for a homemade scrub. Face scrub recipes.
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Face Mask Recipes

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Glowing Skin Turmeric Face Mask

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Body – Sugar Scrub Recipes with Essential Oils

Lemon Sugar Scrub

Microwave the coconut oil for 10-15 seconds. Mix together the sugar, coconut oil and lemon essential oil. Place in an airtight container.

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Lotion Recipes with Essential Oils

Try adding a drop or two of Copaiba or Lavender or Frankincense or Tea Tree to your moisturizer before bedtime.

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Whipped Body Butter

Who doesn’t love soft, moisturized, and healthy skin? The butters and oils used in this recipe are the perfect combination that will leave your skin moisturized for days after applying. Customize your whipped body butter with any essential oil of your choice. 

½ cup shea butter
½ cup cocoa butter
½ cup coconut oil
½ cup Fractionated Coconut Oil
15 drops Grapefruit oil*
15 drops Wild Orange oil*


  1. Measure all butters and oils in glass jar.
  2. Fill a large skillet/saucepan with one to one and a half inches of water. Bring to a boil.
  3. Once boiling, add the glass jar to the center of the saucepan to melt and combine ingredients.
  4. Stir every few minutes until the ingredients are melted and combined. (10–15 minutes) Tip: Use a popsicle stick to stir for easy cleanup.
  5. Once everything is melted, remove from heat and let sit for 5–10 minutes. Add desired essential oils.
  6. Once essential oils are added, let it rest in a cool place (such as the refrigerator) until it has set.
  7. Once chilled, take out of refrigerator. With a stand or hand mixer, start on low and slowly turn the speed higher until the lotion becomes light and fluffy (around 3–5 minutes).

Note: Store mixture in a glass jar and keep in a cool place. If needed, re-fluff the body butter by whipping it back up to the desired consistency with a hand mixture.

*Citrus oils can cause photosensitivity, so we don’t recommend using them if you plan on being in direct sunlight after topical application. The personal care products that doTERRA produces, such as the doTERRA Salon Essentials®, lotions, etc., are a little different. The shampoo and cleansers are wash-off products, so there is no concern for photosensitivity there. The products that stay on, such as the lip balm and lotion, use citrus oils in small, appropriate amounts that will not cause any phototoxic harm. Because we work closely with experts on formulations, we are able to provide a safe product. Essential oils at full strength on their own are very potent, which is why they carry the photosensitivity warning.

Lip Balm Recipes with Essential Oils

Please note for lip recipes…always be careful in the sun with citrus oils!

Depending on the oils you choose, lemon, lavender, grapefruit or peppermint, remember lemon and grapefruit are mildly phototoxic in the sun, so if you make this stay out of the sun or choose lavender or peppermint.

Making lip balm can be simple! Try this easy DIY lip balm that is moisturizing and healthy for your lips.

doTERRA Lip Balm Recipe

Best essential oils for skin. This one is for your lips. Contains peppermint and lavender essential oils.
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1 ounce beeswax 
1 ounce coconut oil 
½ ounce shea butter 
½ ounce cocoa butter 
20 drops Peppermint oil
10 drops Lavender oil

Note: This recipe makes three ounces of lip balm, so make sure you have enough containers. This recipe will make 20 lip balm tubes. You can always reduce the batch size by cutting the recipe in half.


  1. Line up empty containers. If using a lip balm stick, make sure it ihas been twisted down.
  2. Measure butters and oils and place in glass jar.
  3. Fill a large saucepan with one to one and a half inches of water and bring to a boil.
  4. Once boiling, add glass jar to center of saucepan.
  5. Stir every few minutes until ingredients are melted and combined. 
  6. Once wax is melted, remove from heat and let sit for three minutes then add essential oils.
  7. Pour mixture into lip balm containers and let cool. 
  8. If you would like to make tinted lip balm, move to the next two steps.
  9. Add a pinch of colored mineral makeup until you get your desired color. Stir until combined.
  10. Pour tinted lip balm into containers and let cool.

Tip: If you want a harder lip balm, add an additional half ounce of beeswax. For an even softer lip balm, add an additional half ounce of coconut oil. Buy Beeswax Pellets here.

This lip balm makes a great gift and can easily be customized. Change the color or the scent by using a variety of mineral makeup and essential oils. If you don’t have time to make your own lip balm then try one of the doTERRA SPA Lip Balm flavors.

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Orange Creamsicle Balm


  • ½ ounce beeswax
  • ½ ounce coconut oil
  •  ¼ ounce shea butter
  • ¼ ounce cocoa butter
  • 30 drops Wild Orange essential oil
  • 2 teaspoons pure vanilla extract


  1. Place everything, but Wild Orange oil and vanilla extract into glass measuring cup or bowl.
  2. Fill large saucepan with one to one and a half inches of water. Bring to boil.
  3. Once boiling, place glass measuring cup in center of saucepan. 
  4. Stir every few minutes until ingredients have melted and are combined. 
  5. Once all wax is melted, remove from heat and let sit three minutes.
  6. Add vanilla extract and Wild Orange oil.
  7. Pour mixture into lip balm containers and let cool.

Wild orange/sweet orange are not phototoxic so it is ok to wear in the sun.

Homemade Soap Recipes with Essential Oils

DIY Hair Treatments

Leave-In Conditioning Spray

Leave-in conditioning spray with essential oils.
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Deep Hair Conditioner

3 ingredient deep hair conditioner made with essential oils.
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This homemade deep hair conditioner is easy to make and will leave your hair soft and smooth.

This recipe calls for 3 tablespoons coconut oil, 1 tablespoon olive oil, 8 drops doTERRA essential oils.

A few great essential oils for your hair include: Lavender, Peppermint, Rosemary, Geranium and Clary Sage. You can use one or all five of the essential oils in your deep conditioner.


Put coconut oil, olive oil and essential oils in mixing bowl.

Mix on medium/high speed for 5 minutes or until ingredients are whipped to a thick and creamy consistency.

Once whipped, apply to clean, dry hair.

Comb through with wide tooth comb to evenly distribute.

Let sit 15–20 minutes. Rinse, shampoo and style as desired.

Repeat once a week or as often as desired.

Dry Shampoo

For light hair:
¼ cup arrowroot powder
2 drops Lavender oil
2 drops Rosemary oil
2 drops Peppermint oil

For dark hair:
2 tablespoons arrowroot powder
2 tablespoons cocoa powder
2 drops Lavender oil
2 drops Rosemary oil
2 drops Peppermint oil


  1. Put arrowroot powder, cocoa powder (if using), and essential oils into food processor.
  2. Pulse until well combined.
  3. Store in glass jar.
  4. To use, apply powder to roots and oily parts of hair using an old (washed) makeup brush.

More doTERRA hair recipes here

doTERRA Beauty Collections

Immortelle Anti-Aging Blend

The oils in Immortelle have been studied for their abilities to help reduce inflammation, protect skin from UV radiation and promote healthy cellular function and proper hydration of the skin.

Immortelle doTERRA anti aging blend
Immortelle Anti-Aging Blend: Ingredients in Immortelle are: Frankincense Resin, Hawaiian Sandalwood, Lavender Flower, Myrrh Gum Resin, Helichrysum Flower and Rose Flower.


Verage is an exclusive system of natural skin care products that nourish and hydrate skin and reduce the visible signs of aging. The advanced plant technology used in Verage promotes the appearance of an optimal lipid balance the same balance found in healthy, youthful-looking skin. Each product is composed of true gifts from the Earth: nourishing plant extracts, pure and potent CPTG® essential oils, and select natural ingredients. The doTERRA Verage Skin Care Collection delivers results you can see and feel, naturally.

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The Yarrow|Pom Trio of products were scientifically developed to work synergistically to provide powerful support to the skin and promote ageless radiance.

Yarrow|Pom Active Botanical Nutritive Duo activates skin-protecting proteins with the added benefit of promoting collagen production for young and healthy-looking skin.*

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Yarrow|Pom Body Renewal Serum is packed with powerful bioactive compounds and skin-protecting proteins that increase skin luminosity and promote the appearance of firmer, smoother, younger-looking skin. The Yarrow|Pom trio is a fresh, revolutionary approach to beauty inside and out.

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Natural Ingredients from your Pantry

Don’t overlook some of natural beauty products you probably already have in your pantry. Honey, oatmeal, yogurt infused products, cucumber, pomegranate, soy, green tea, apple cider vinegar (diluted with water as a toner), coffee…

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What are your favorites? Please comment with some tried and true essential oil beauty tips!

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