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It’s Sunday! I love a Sunday. I’m going to tell you right now that I’m not sure what all this about “Sunday Funday” or “Day of Rest” means to me. I truly want to do all the things that will set me up for a better week. I also just want to relax and ignore some of my responsibilities.

Many times this means that Sunday is full of taking stock of what we have left to eat, grocery shopping, laundry and exercise. If I’m lucky I have already squeezed in some housework, yard work or bill paying. Maybe I’ve visited with a friend, or my family. Chances are we were invited to a birthday party or in our case, there is some sort of sporting event happening.

So even though I do love myself, and know I deserve some pampering, there’s not a lot of time for manicures and spa days, face masks or crafting get-togethers. Some of those things fall under “special occasion.” The truth is I don’t really have time for reading, writing or posting about self-love or things I do for myself. Fast forward to this challenge. I’m somewhat participating myself, in that I’ve been sharing and commenting each day on the Instagram posts.

Here are my thoughts on how it’s going and what I’m seeing about myself and others. (PS: It’s not too late to join the free challenge!)

1. Self-Love and Self-Care are different things to different people. This world moves fast, at least in my city. Family life keeps you busy all-the-time. If you don’t reach out and grab a moment when you need it, you will be swept up in the current.

2. It’s unlikely someone will say “Hey, take a few days for yourself.” This again means, when you are feeling overwhelmed either ask for help or realize that some things you will just not always get around to doing. It’s ok.

3. Positive thinking is uplifting. Sharing and helping others is a great way to help remind yourself of your own blessings.

4. Make a little time for yourself to shut off your brain and veg out. Read, watch a movie, take a walk, take a stretch, sit in the sun for a moment. It will recharge your batteries.

5. Start over again tomorrow. Appreciate your stage of life – whether you are single, married, a parent or a caregiver. The grass is not always greener on the other side, the grass is greener where you water it.

6. Spend some time getting organized. It will help you utilize small amounts of free time when you have it. It helps your brain not feel so overwhelmed as well.

7. Be kind to yourself.

Up next, schedule for Week 2. Follow along with us here or on Instagram @lovemyself2020.


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