Stretching Is A Great Way to Love Your Body

7 Day Stretch Challenge - free youtube series

This month we’re focusing on elements of self-love and self-care. The benefits of stretching are physical and mental. It is something you can do to keep healthy and hold on to your mobility later in life. Stretching is a great way to give yourself a mental boost when you are feeling tired or sluggish. What can be better self care than that? As a special gift to you, here is access to the 7 Day “Love Your Body” Stretch Challenge by Nicole Johnson. It’s free! Enjoy! To receive your free videos, simply click on the photo below and provide your email. You will receive 7 emails with a new video each day!

We’ll join Fitness Instructor/Dancer Nicole from Move Fitness & Dance in a free video series you can follow along…

#lovemyself2020 7 Day Stretch Challenge by Move Fitness and Dance.
Free 7 Day Stretch Challenge with Nicole Johnson, Move Fitness & Dance

In a fitness class you are walked through a nice sequence, but left to your own, do you always take time to have a proper stretch? Well, if you don’t, here are a few reasons why you should.

Benefits of Stretching

  • increase flexibility
  • improve posture
  • help your balance
  • manage pain caused by tight muscles
  • reduce stress on muscles and ligaments
  • prevent injury
  • release tension
  • taking the time to stretch means you are taking time for deep breathing
  • promote blood circulation
  • feels great
  • can do it anywhere, anytime, for free
  • helps you feel relaxed
Basic Stretches - 7 Day Stretch Challenge

Basic stretches: child’s pose, forward fold, quad stretch, hamstring stretch, thigh stretch, hip stretch, chest and shoulder stretch, upper back stretch, bicep and triceps stretch.

Simple yoga stretches: child’s pose, cat/cow, forward fold, mountain pose, downward facing dog, supine twist, crescent lunge.

Best stretches for runners: Knee hug, child’s pose, hip flexor, quad, seated hamstring, toe touch, wall push, downward dog, heal lifts, seated twist.

Best stretches for hikers: As seen on, Lindsey Banks recommends 5 dynamic stretches before your hike. After your hike, do some gentle, static stretching to keep your muscles from getting too sore. The 5 dynamic stretches Lindsey recommends are: Alternating knee lifts, squat to hip flexor, alternating high kicks, torso twists and alternating quad stretch. You can save her pin for later (below) if you want to give any of these hiking stretches a try.

Best stretches for working behind a desk all day: How is it even possible to hurt yourself just sitting behind a desk. Let me count the ways! To name a few, restricted blood flow, strain from a non-ergonomic set up, neck and back tension from looking at a monitor, sore back from lack of support, arms going numb from working on the keyboard… It happens, it’s why those standing and kneeling desks are so popular.

Rolling it out with a foam roller: Foam rolling is a method of self-myofascial release. It can be used to increase flexibility, reduce soreness and eliminate knots.
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If you are interested in more videos by Nicole visit Move Fitness & Dance on YouTube.

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