Welcome to the #lovemyself2020 Challenge

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It’s free! Grab your journal and get ready for some building, healing, motivating self-love. Each week we will have new journal prompts, Instagram fun and blog posts. We also have some free and paid downloadable resources for you! (This challenge ended, but do it anytime by signing up below with your email address!)


www.budding-joy.com – Kelly is a US blogger from Virginia. She writes about her weight loss journey and managing depression. She knows how important self care is to managing weight, triggers and mood.


www.colourfulhope.co.uk – Ruth is a UK based blogger who writes about Mental Health. She shares her experiences in hopes that others will feel more comfortable and less stigmatized by living with mental health challenges.


www.chicaconfident.com – Morgan is a US blogger from Alabama. She runs a successful motivating, organizing, entrepreneurial web site called Chica Confident. ChicaConfident.com™️ exists to empower, educate, and enrich the professional skills, lives & relationships of entrepreneurial minded Chicas everywhere. She’s an Instagram millennial goddess. Keep your eye on this one!


www.sweetandspicyessentials.com – Me? Who am I? Jessica is a busy mom who is passionate about essential oils, transitioning to a more natural living and a curator of all things that help keep the wheels on the bus in her home life. Her hope is to inspire, encourage, entertain and commiserate with other moms on this crazy journey of life.


www.katiealexanderblogs.com – Katie is young UK blogger. She writes about abortion, baby loss, sexual health, contraception, consent and more. She hopes to change the world, one little piece at a time.


www.hereimumagain.co.uk – Sam is a UK blogger. She writes about juggling self care with being a mom, parenting, lifestyle, motivation, organization and body image. She’s passionate about self care and a bit on the techie side, so if you follow her you might just learn a thing or two.

budding-joy.com | katiealexanderblogs.com | colourfulhope.co.uk | chicaconfident.com | sweetandspicyessentials.com and hereimumagain.co.uk


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