New Year

Time to take another trip around the sun. Have you made resolutions or picked a “word” to focus on? Maybe you added extra fruit and vegetables to your cart this week at the grocery store? Good for you! I’m doing it too. We’re all doing it to some extent. It’s a new year! I wonder, can we keep this enthusiasm up for every month of 2020? We could always focus on quarterly goals! (I’m an Aries, I have trouble with the long term planning.)


Words. I really like the idea of choosing a word to focus on throughout the year. The word I have chosen for myself this year is Believe. I want to believe that my continued work on this blog project will result in many things for me – connection, growth, to inspire and be inspired, passive income and more.

Start with a Word.
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Pick a word, any word, and join me.

…forgive, health, pause, give, share, calm, shine, grow, build, simplify, gratitude, calm, brave, family, strong, fit, thrive, open, accept, begin, dare, focus, create, real, light, believe, mindful, wild, yes, hope…

Down Time

I’m still digging myself out of December. It was so nice to have some time off and not have to go anywhere. Don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t turn down a tropical vacation, however, there is something nice about having some down time around your own house. Right? Lounging, reading, sleeping in, being together. Things we don’t get to do when we are all running in different directions.

Better Than I Was Before

January is here though and it’s time to make myself better than I was last year! (Which is hard, since I thought I was pretty awesome last year.) 😉 Haha, no, I participate in way too much negative self talk. I’m tired of that, so that is one of my goals. A few other personal goals…financial, try to keep a planner, work on this blog, delegate, exercise 3 times per week… You know, the usual.

What will you do with this next orbit around the sun?

What is your word? Comment below and we can work on our words together. Check out my article 29 Journal Prompts for Self Love, a February Love Myself Challenge.

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  1. My word for the year is Joy. My last few years have been filled with hustle and I’ve lost a lot of joy in what I’m doing. This is my year to get it back. Great post. Thanks!

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