Interesting Christmas Traditions

Holiday Dinner Plans?

What are your holiday dinner plans? Do you have one yet? Do you make traditional foods or something different? I want to know what you’re cooking! For some reason I decided to make Philly Cheese-steaks for Christmas Eve. I’ve been looking for good, authentic roll recipes because that’s the part that makes the sandwich.

What on Earth is Figgy Pudding?

This got me thinking. Take a leap with me here. What is Figgy Pudding? What is British Christmas pudding? Are they the same thing? Wait, what is this about lighting it on fire?

NPR The Salt: What is Figgy Pudding: Finally, An Answer

Now, instead of finishing up my shopping and wrapping, prepping and cleaning, I instead will ponder this question, it is the winter solstice after all…

Why do we have holiday traditions?

Replicate, Replicate, Must Replicate

Someone, somewhere decided to do some “special thing” that one time, and that tradition will be replicated again and again, year after year. Maybe you’re thinking, “my traditions aren’t strange” and maybe it does seem perfectly logical to you to stuff an empty log full of food and cover it with a blanket and then beat it with sticks. Who am I to judge? There’s a saying I hear lately, “You, do you!” and it sums up my feelings on the matter very nicely. Hang pickles on your tree, stick a fruitcake under your pillow, do your thing.

Anyway, here are some examples of some of the “traditions” we have. I just had this idea to write about this today, so you won’t find a masterpiece in this post, but enjoy. Give them a ponder if you dare.

6 Christmas traditions so strange they’re borderline scarring (CNN, December 21, 2016)

15 Weird Christmas Traditions Around the World (The Travel, December 8, 2018)

8 Truly Strange Christmas Customs (MentalFloss, December 11, 2008)

15 Strange Christmas Traditions No One Does Anymore (Best Life, December 21, 2019)

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