This is an update to the post originally published last Thanksgiving.

Thankgiving Break is happening next week! Scratch that. We are now on to Spring Break and the world is “sheltering in place.” Wow, I don’t think anyone was prepared for something like this to happen. I know we are all worrying about what the future holds. We’re worried for our parents and our friends and family out there in the world. Our kids are maybe driving us a little crazy by now and we could be ready for ideas for subscription boxes for kids.

Give the Gift of Creativity!

Anyway, with home crafting projects in mind…have you heard of We Craft Box? #affiliate It’s really cool! A planned art project in a box on a monthly subscription. You can buy in increments of 1 month all the way up to 1 year. See options below!

I remember days when my kids were younger, and I would plan some fun-to-do at home art projects to work on over break. My kids will probably want to sleep in, see some movies and play video games on this break since we are not going out of town. That’s fine! Maybe they’ll let me work on some arty projects?!

We Craft Box. Creating projects for kids in a monthly subscription box.
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  • All materials included (except water and scissors)
  • Each box can be shared between 2 kids
  • Each month has a new theme
  • Each box has a unique story about the art projects to inspire and get the creative juices flowing
  • Photo instructions, so easy to follow

I think this sounds like such a great gift idea for Grandma’s house, doesn’t it? Or a great present from a crafty grandparent. The Holiday Box ships on December 1st, so if you want to order yours, now is the time! Enjoy! I’d love to see how some of your projects turn out so take a photo and share. I’ve shared my Fun Kid Stuff Pinterest board below and also the Subscription Prices for the monthly, 3-month, 6-month and 12-month boxes.

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One Month Renewing Subscription

We Craft Box 1-month renewing subscription – $29.99

3 Month Renewing Subscription

We Craft Box 3-month renewing subscription – $84.99

6 Month Renewing Subscription

We Craft Box 6-month renewing subscription – $159.99

12 Month Renewing Subscription

We Craft Box 12-month renewing subscription – $299.99

**As a Shareasale affiliate, I may earn a small commission on this item if you decide to purchase it through my website. This will not increase your cost in anyway. Thank you.**

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